Orientation and General Information

Arrivals and Departures

Participants: If you plan to attend the Participants’ Conference, you should arrive on Friday, July 10th. If you do not plan to attend the Participants’ Conference, you should arrive on Sunday, July 12th. It is imperative that participants stay for the entire three-week session, so you should plan to depart only on Saturday, August 1st. Azadeh Erfani and Andy Manos will be responsible for the Participants’ Conference. They can be contacted at aerfani@depaul.edu and jmanos@depaul.edu  Those who will be offering a presentation at the Conference will have 15-20 minutes presentation time. Please inform Azadeh and James by e-mail of the title of your presentation. All participants should also contact James and Azadeh about the date of their arrival in Città di Castello.

Faculty: It is important for us and the hotel to know as soon as possible when you plan on arriving and departing. Please email me as well as Collegium assistants, Azadeh and James, these dates as soon as possible. Please also fill out a hotel request form and FAX it to the Hotel Le Mura. Make sure that you indicate on this form your date of arrival and date of departure—that is, the day you will actually leave the hotel (not the last night you will be sleeping there).

Please fill out this form and fax it Hotel Le Mura immediately. (pdf) (NB: Students do not need to fill out is form.) 

Hotel Information

Participants and faculty will be housed in the Hotel Le Mura, not far from the center of Città di Castello. Some faculty will be housed at the Hotel Da Tonino, just down the street from the Hotel Le Mura, although all meals (breakfast and dinner) will be taken at Hotel Le Mura.  Again, all hotel reservations must be faxed Hotel Le Mura:

Hotel Le Mura

Via Borgo Farinario

I -06012 Città di Castello (Italy)

Tel. (+39) 075/8521070

[From the U.S.:]

Fax (+39) 075/8521350 – 8524791

Email: direzione@hotellemura.it




All room rates include half-pension, that is, a continental breakfast (7:30-9:00 AM ) and dinner (19:30 PM) at Hotel Le Mura.

A (mostly) vegetarian buffet will also be available at the Hotel Le Mura for the very reasonable price of €5. You will be asked to sign up for lunch the day before. If you do not wish to take the buffet at the hotel, there are many restaurants and pizza places around the main piazza at the end of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele and on the side streets surrounding the Circolo degli Illuminati.

During our dinners at the Hotel you will be asked to choose the dinner for the next day. Please remember to sign the sheet with your name and remember what you chose to eat, as you are expected to stick to the menu you have chosen the next day. If you are planning not to be at dinner the next day, please write this on the same sheet. If you would like a vegetarian meal, please indicate this on the sheet as well.

Beverages are not included in the meal, which means that you have to order them separately.

All beverages and food consumed at the hotel should be purchased at the hotel bar or in the restaurant.


Courses, Lectures, and Text Seminars

All morning sessions of the 2009 Collegium will take place in the Salone degli Specchi in the Circolo degli Illuminati, which is near the Piazza Matteoti, at the end of the Corso Vittorio Emanuele, in the city center. The Circolo is within easy walking distance of the hotel.

All afternoon session will take place in the conference room of the Hotel Le Mura. Text seminars will also meet at various locations throughout the hotel.


Transportation within Città di Castello

Almost everything you will need or want is within easy walking distance in the city. Should you wish to venture further out (for example, to the town swimming pool) there is very efficient bus service. The buses are orange and are labeled APM. A stop for most of the main bus lines is just outside the hotel beyond the city wall.


You will need to pay the balance of your hotel bill upon departure. Credit cards are accepted. The cost for room and half-pension is €36.00 per day per person for double occupancy. Participants will be expected to share a room. If there is someone whom you would like as your roommate, please let us know right away. The cost for a single room for faculty is € 48 per day.  Faculty may also share rooms.


Mail is unpredictable in Italy, so you should not count on getting urgent materials without sending them by private courier.

Internet Access

The Hotel Le Mura has one Internet terminal in a room next to the lobby. The cost is .30 cents for the first 10 minutes, .50 cents up to 30 minutes, and €1 up to 1 hour.

Several Internet terminals are in a shop close to Hotel Le Mura on the street that leads from the Hotel Le Mura to the main Corso, on the left hand side of the street. It is very reasonable (approximately .50 cents for up to 1 hour of Internet access). 


We made an arrangement with the copy shop right at the beginning of the Corso “Dimensione Grafica” (left hand side). Members of the Collegium Phaenomenologicum pay .7 cents for each copy. Make sure you identify yourselves as members of the Collegium.

This copy shop is open from 9:00-1:00 and 3:30-5:30, Monday through Friday. You can also print out from a flash drive in this shop. You can make photocopies also at the Internet shop for .10 cents a copy.


If you have special medications, be sure to bring them in the original prescription bottle. If you need emergency medical care, you can go to the local hospital for a reasonable cost, sometimes for no cost. It is often possible to get good medical advice, including prescriptions, for less serious matters at a pharmacy.

You should also consider getting an “International Student Identity Card” (ISIC) or an “International Faculty Identity Card.” In addition to getting you into museums at a discount, the card provides excellent medical insurance and help in emergencies. Most of those who deal with international student travel can either give you a card or tell you how to get one.


Although the Collegium has a small permanent library, you cannot count on finding specific books that you might need. So be sure to bring any such books along. A list of required books for the Collegium courses and lectures will be posted at the end of this document a few weeks before the beginning of the Collegium.


The Collegium Library is located in the basement conference room of the Hotel Le Mura (next to the breakfast room) and can be accessed at any time. If you take a book out of the room, please sign your name and indicate the title of the book on the self-check-out sheet located in the library room. If you have recently published a book, please consider bringing a copy along with you and donating it to the Collegium library.

Italian Lessons

We will be offering a short course of Italian lessons for interested parties, probably three times a week before dinner. If we are able to find out in advance the name of the book or textbook that will be used we will post the information at the end of this document so that you can procure the book before the start of the Collegium.

Social Events

We try to dress formally for dinner each Friday evening. In this case “formal” means “the best gear you have available.” In the past, this has ranged from a tuxedo to a clean T-shirt and jeans, though we hope most will find something dressy in between these two extremes. We invite you to bring and wear costumes and accessories of your choice. Each Friday after dinner we will have a “wine party.” The wine party is a time for dancing, listening to whatever music you would like (though preferably music we can dance to), drinking, visiting, etc. If you have good CDs for dancing, bring them. We have a CD player. If you are interested in other social activities, come prepared for them. In the past, we have had poetry readings and concerts and even productions of Antigone and The Clouds. We will do what we can to help you organize any such possibilities. If you play a musical instrument, and it is portable, do bring it. There is also a website for Città di Castello, which contains a list of events for the community during July (luglio): http://www.Cittàdicastellonline.it/ .


 Because the courses will be held at a site about 10 minutes walking distance from the hotel you would be well advised to bring along a travel umbrella. It is almost certain to rain at some point during the three weeks.

Laundry: There are no laundry facilities in the hotel and having your laundry done outside  the hotel can be extremely expensive. Most participants have in the past washed their clothes in the sink in their room. You may want to keep this in mind when deciding what and how many clothes to bring.

Final Word

We will do everything in our power to make this a rewarding and intellectually stimulating experience for you. Please remember, however, that foreign travel, no matter how well planned or organized, always comes with its challenges and frustrations. You thus have to expect that shops will sometimes be closed when you need them to be open, that train employees will go on strike at the very worst moment, that dinners will sometimes be excruciating slow in coming, that the air conditioning will break down on the hottest day of the summer . . . You get the point—things happen, and they are more apt to happen when you are away from home. We simply ask that you try to take things in stride and demonstrate patience and courtesy with the hotel staff and others you meet in the city. We ourselves will do our utmost to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Italy in July.

Yours truly,

Peg Birmingham, Ben Vedder, Azadeh Erfani, James Manos