Past Sessions

The websites and/or programs for previous meetings of the Collegium have been archived, and will open in a new window in your browser:

1986: Phenomenology, Fundamental Ontology, Meta-Ontology (Heidegger’s Lectures, 1925-1928)

1987: Rethinking the Transcendental (The Philosophy of Jacques Derrida)

1988: Nietzsche in Retrospect and Prospect

1989: Heidegger (The Work of the 1930s)

1990: Phenomenology, Ethics, Politics (The Question of Difference/Unity)

1991: On the Tragic (Hegel/Nietzsche/Heidegger/Hölderlin)

1992: Interpretation, Remembrance, and Community (After Hermeneutics)

1993: Origin, History, Power

1994: The Futures of Phenomenology

1995: Heidegger and the Greeks

1996: The Forces of Nature

1997: Spacing Art (Visibility, Image, Representation)

1998: Truth, Translation, Interpretation

1999: Phenomenological Life, Material Life (Heidegger, Merleau-Ponty, Bergson)

2000: Heidegger’s Beiträge zur Philosophie

2001: Earth, Art, Body (Phenomenological Intertwinings)

2002: Physis, Arithmos, Logos

2003: Thinking Through the Difference between Immanence and Transcendence (Levinas, Bergson, and Deleuze)

2004: Time, Freedom, Nature

2005: Memory and Responsibility

2006: Derrida’s Pharmacy

2007: Interpreting Word and Image

2008: Belief After Reason

2009: The Subject of Politics

2010: Transcontinental Philosophy: Interpreting Philosophy Across Borders and Idioms

2011: Philosophy, Truth, and Claims of Art

2012: Ζωή: On the Question of Life in Ancient Greek Philosophy

2013: Heidegger: Gelassenheit, Ethical Life, Ereignis, 1933-1946

2014: Law and Violence: Hegel, Arendt, Derrida

2015: Derrida’s Seminars